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Organized Fic List

Getting Organized!

All the cool kids are doing it, and I can certainly see why. Mostly because I was starting to get a little overwhelmed whenever I tried to edit or find anything. My overwhelmy-ness may benefit others!

Please pay attention to any warnings, ratings, disclaimers and the like. Seriously, if it sounds too graphic, it's probably way more graphic than that, even. It is fairly safe to assume that most of these are Slash. Do not be concerned - I warn for Het. As it should be.
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Popping my head up

It's been an amazingly ling time since I've spent any time online. Hi everyone! I still exist!

I'm thinking about moving to California. I've never been there, but several years ago it was definitely where I wanted to end up. Life happens, and I didn't end up going.

So. Does anybody out there have ideas about where (I'm thinking Northern California) might be a good place to focus on? My "plan" so far only takes me to "Go to California." Obviously I need to do some research:)

So, I was bored....

It's a touch frightening how accurate this was for a silly quiz.

Heroes Ghost Fic
Heroes Ghost Fic
Awesome banner by ashdrake for completing the Heroes Ghost Fic table:)


TITLE: Revelations
AUTHOR: a_cook1
RATING: R-ish for violence and suggested sexual situations?
WARNINGS: Angst, violence, implied dub-con. Spoilers through Season 4.
SUMMARY: Written for Heroes Ghost Fic
DISCLAIMER: They don't belong to me, of course.

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